tonkotsu's trade post


you've reached the tradepost of tonkotsu! thanks so much to my lovely host mousey for setting me up! ♥


06/05/16 - quit dilly dally even though i never really got started there. one of my favorite old tcgs, zest, came back so i'm planning on joining that one instead. i'm mostly invested with rockin nippon anyway.
05/13/16 - i... realized i bit off more than i can chew and i'm going to have to drop showtime, since it's the weakest link of the games i'm currently in. i like the idea but i only really follow htgawm, so maybe i'll come back another time.
05/12/16 - proven to myself once again that i am tcg addicted. having a tough time finding ones that are still open, but i'm pretty much interested in joining everyone of them that is, lol. thinking of joining colors and dilly dally today and not any more for a while. but who knows.
05/10/16 - got hosted! really excited to play around with the site for a while and figure out what works best/looks best for me.

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